The Philippines

Studying languages in the Philippines is a renowned destination for students who want to learn English and other languages. Here’s some information about studying languages in the Philippines:

English Language: The Philippines is one of the countries that widely use English officially. You can learn and enhance your English language skills through courses available in various schools across the country.

Other Languages: In addition to English, you can also study many other languages in the Philippines, such as Filipino (the official languages), Spanish, Korean, and others. There are diverse educational institutions offering these courses.

Recognized Educational Institutions: There are numerous schools and institutes in the Philippines offering language education programs for international students. It’s essential to verify the reputation and accreditation of these institutions before enrolling.

What are the costs for studying English language in Philippine institutes?

The costs for studying English language in Philippine institutes vary depending on several factors, including:

Duration of the course: Costs may differ based on the length of the courses, such as short-term courses lasting two or three weeks, or long-term courses lasting a month or more.

Type of course: Philippine institutes may offer a diverse range of courses, such as general courses for improving overall language proficiency, or intensive courses for preparing for exams like IELTS or TOEFL. The price of the course may be influenced by the type of course you choose.

Educational institution: The price of courses can vary based on the reputation and ranking of the educational institution. There may be upscale institutes preferred by some students that are more expensive, as well as mid-range and budget options.

Additional services: There may be additional services you can choose, such as accommodation in dormitories, meals, cultural activities, and recreational trips. These additional services will impact the overall costs.

For accurate information about costs, it is advisable to contact specific educational institutes in the Philippines and request details about prices and available packages. It is also important to exercise caution and verify the reputation of the educational institution before making any financial transactions.

What are the best accredited and internationally recognized language institutes in the Philippines?

There are many institutes in the Philippines that are accredited and internationally recognized for teaching English language. A list of some well-known and reputable institutes includes:

IDP Education Philippines: One of the prominent institutes in the Philippines offering English language education programs and assisting students in preparing for tests like IELTS and TOEFL.

English Training Lounge: Provides English language education programs with qualified instructors and modern educational curricula in a professional learning environment.

APEC Schools: The APEC Schools group is considered a prestigious educational institution offering English language education programs at various levels.

Center for Asian Culinary Studies: Offers English language courses in the culinary and hospitality industry with a focus on specialized language skills.

Berlitz Philippines: One of the most famous institutes globally, offering English language education programs with innovative teaching methods and experienced instructors.

Please note that this list is not exhaustive, and there are many other institutes in the Philippines that may be accredited and internationally recognized. It is advisable to conduct research, inquire about the institutes, verify their credibility, and assess previous student reviews before making a decision to enroll.

The benefits of living with a Filipino family!

Living with a Filipino family has many benefits, including:

Cultural and linguistic immersion: Living with a Filipino family exposes you to the Filipino language and daily communication in it. This helps improve your proficiency in the Filipino language and understanding of local culture and customs.

Understanding local culture: Living with a Filipino family provides an opportunity to discover the local culture through participation in family customs, traditions, and events. This enhances your cultural experience and helps you understand and respect Filipino culture.

Social interaction and friendships: Living with a Filipino family allows you to meet family members and potentially share meals and daily activities with them. This gives you a chance to socialize, make acquaintances, and build new friendships.

Support and assistance: Being treated like a member of the family means you’ll receive support and assistance in adjusting to daily life and facing common challenges. This can alleviate the pressures of starting your experience in the Philippines.

Cost savings: Compared to living in private accommodation or student dormitories, living with a Filipino family is often much cheaper, as you can share accommodation and meal costs with the family.

In general, living with a Filipino family offers a unique opportunity for immersion in local culture and interaction with local people. You can expand your linguistic knowledge and experience genuine Filipino daily life, enriching and enhancing your experience in the country.

What are the admission requirements and procedures?

All we need from you is a copy of your passport, general information, and the initial booking fees.

What is the required time to obtain language admission and accommodation?

Language admissions can be secured within two days or more, in addition to arranging accommodation either within the institute or with a Cypriot family for the entire study period. The original documents required for visa procedures will be received within a week.

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