Canada is renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty, rich history, world-famous landmarks, and vibrant, multicultural society. The country boasts a wide range of top universities and institutes whose degrees are respected and recognized globally. The Canadian climate is diverse, with pleasant summers and cold winters. Historically, Canada has been one of the most welcoming countries in the world, with policies that encourage cultural diversity. It is known for being a peaceful, safe, and well-organized nation, making it one of the safest places globally.

If you are interested in learning English in Canada, we are ready to provide all possible assistance and personal consultation regarding study options and opportunities. We also offer the latest information on English courses, language institutes, and travel visas to ensure that your study experience is both beneficial and enjoyable.

What are the costs of studying English in Canadian institutes?

The costs of studying a language in Canada are moderate in price compared to other countries, as you can obtain comprehensive admission to the language along with registration and study fees on a monthly basis, where study costs start from 900 to 1,200 Canadian dollars, or you can obtain comprehensive admission for a period of three months, which is relatively better, with a value starting from 2800 to 5500 Canadian dollars, depending on the best recognized institutes, and prices may vary due to differences between institutes.

What are the best internationally accredited and recognized English language institutes?

The accredited institutes include certified teachers with a high degree of education in order to achieve the educational goal and provide the optimal service for students. Providing the full experience and helping in developing the student’s skills in the English language, regardless of his needs or academic level. Among the most prestigious of these institutes are the Global Village Institute and the ELS Institute. ILSC, The Language Gallery Institute, ILAC Institute, Kaplan Institute and other famous Canadian and international institutes located in all Canadian cities.

What are the admission conditions and procedures?

Studying the language in Canada is an easy and routine matter. All we need is a copy of the passport and general information, in addition to the initial reservation fees. Study for Canadian institutes begins every Monday at the beginning of each week.

Benefits of living with a Canadian family!

Most students who come to study the language in the summer or even during the year prefer to live with a Canadian family in order to benefit from communicating with members of this family to improve their English language, in addition to learning about customs and traditions, building friendly relations with the family, and maintaining the strengthening of the students’ spirit of confidence and initiative by mingling with a civilized and open society. There are many Canadian families that welcome Arab students, especially Saudis, and embrace them as part of their families, taking into account halal food and other details.

How long does it take to secure language acceptance and book accommodation?

Language acceptances can be secured in one or two days, in addition to booking housing within the institute or staying with a Canadian family for the duration of the study within a few days.

What are the requirements and method of applying for a visa to study English in Canada?

We can secure a visa for students who wish to travel to study the English language for a period of time between two weeks and not exceeding six weeks, and you can obtain a tourist visa for those wishing to study for a period of less than 6 months, or a student visa if the study is for a period exceeding six months, as we must have it available. A bank certificate or financial guarantee, a passport valid for 6 months, and general information.

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