Cyprus is located on a picturesque island in the heart of the Mediterranean Ocean, and is home to many rich cultures that have been established throughout the ages. It is characterized by a moderate and warm climate throughout the year, its picturesque beaches, wonderful landscapes, and its beautiful cities, so it is a popular destination for tourists and visitors. Due to its strategic location and many advantages, Cyprus was divided into two parts between Turkey and Greece, where the southern two-thirds are under Greek rule and the northern third belongs to Turkey.

The capital of Cyprus, Nicosia, combines Greek and Turkish cultures, because it is equally divided between Greece and Turkey. Cyprus is the third largest inhabited island in the Mediterranean and is a source of a variety of world-class cultures, landmarks and institutes that make it a major destination for international students.

Study English in Cyprus

Despite Cyprus not being the first destination that students consider for studying English, it is an ideal place for this purpose. Cyprus was under British rule from 1878 and became a British colony in 1925, making English the primary language on the island until it gained independence in 1960. Even after independence, English remained the language used in courts and other official capacities until 1989.

More than 80% of the population in Cyprus use English as their primary language, despite Turkish and Greek being the official languages of the divided island. In fact, the use and interest in English have increased since Cyprus joined the European Union in 2004, making it an ideal destination for students seeking English language programs.

Our offices provide assistance and professional consultation for students who wish to study English in Cyprus. We also offer the latest available information on programs, specializations, English language institutes, visas, travel procedures, and other services to ensure the best and most fruitful study experience.

The cost of studying English in Cyprus with housing

The cost of studying the English language in Cyprus is reasonable and relatively inexpensive, making it a major study destination for students, as offers are available that include registration at the institute, study costs, housing, and food. The approximate cost is 850 euros per month, and the study includes 20 lessons each week, and it may be applied. Additional fees depend on the institute or the region in which it is located, as housing costs vary depending on the location (Greece or Turkey) in Cyprus.

What are the best internationally accredited language institutes in Cyprus?

Cypriot language institutes aim to develop and improve the student’s language skills regardless of the student’s needs or academic level. Among the accredited institutes that are characterized by a teaching staff with a high level of education:

Larnaca American Academy, The English School of Kyrenia, Rudi Novito Private English Language School, KES Language School, Education First Institute, Eurocollege Blocks and many more.

What are the admission conditions and procedures?

Studying the English language in Cyprus is considered relatively easy, as Cypriot institutes provide multiple services at different costs, and lessons begin every Monday. All that the student must provide is a copy of his passport, general information, and the initial reservation fee.

Benefits of living with a family in Cyprus!

Living with a family in Cyprus brings great benefits to students, from cultural immersion to financial savings, and since many Cypriot residents speak English, this means that living with a family will add to their experience and help them communicate and dialogue better.

In addition, you can live in a single room with the family to ensure privacy, and meals are available to the students according to their request. Through this experience, the students can learn about customs and traditions and help them get to know the area. The student will feel that he is among his family and that he is a source of interest for the family and touches This is the moment of arrival at the airport and reception.

What is the time required to obtain language and housing acceptance?

Language acceptances can be secured within two or more days, in addition to booking housing within the institute or staying with a Cypriot family throughout the study period, and within a week the original papers related to visa procedures will be received.

What are the requirements and method of applying for an English language study visa in Cyprus?

We are able to secure a visa for students interested in traveling and studying the English language in Cyprus within a matter of days to three weeks. We can help the student apply for a study visa in advance before the time of travel if we are provided with a bank statement or financial guarantee and a passport valid for 6 months. at least.

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