For certified translation services and instant translation

The company offers a variety of services, with its main focus being on providing certified translation services and language solutions according to the highest global quality standards. We meticulously work to build effective communication bridges in over 50 languages worldwide. Through a package of language solutions and services, we enable our clients to reach their target audiences professionally, with accurate, seamless, and error-free language.

Instant translation

Instant translation is the solution for overcoming any verbal barriers individuals encounter when dealing with someone or an entity speaking a different language. For instant translation to be done professionally and efficiently, it requires qualified individuals with verbal communication skills.

Scientific and technical translation

Scientific and technical translation: The easy and the unattainable. These two words encapsulate the essence of scientific and technical translation. It may seem easy at first, but delving deeper into it reveals its difficulty and complexity. It’s like intending to express an idea in your mind, which is easy, but it’s hard to articulate it into sentences and phrases.

Certified translation and official document translation

Certified translation is a service that involves providing a translation stamped with the official seal of a sworn translator, accompanied by a legal declaration stating its conformity to the original document. It is dated and signed by the certified translator.

Medical translation and translation of scientific messages

Medical and pharmaceutical industries are among the most crucial services that humans cannot live without. Therefore, the importance of medical translation in the fields of medicine and pharmacy is paramount. The Linguistic Lexicon Foundation has a specialized team.

Legal translation for individuals and companies

Legal translation is a field where an error in understanding a single word can lead to serious consequences. Therefore, the Linguistic Lexicon team for certified translation recognizes the importance of qualified individuals with credibility and experience in translating legal documents.

Financial and commercial translation.

The Linguistic Lexicon Translation Agency provides specialized financial translation solutions for leading multinational investment firms, as well as financial institutions such as banks and investment industries, where important documents such as financial reports and financial bulletins are required.

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