Why education in Malaysia?

Malaysia is a center of academic excellence in Southeast Asia, offering abundant educational opportunities. Its capital, Kuala Lumpur, is an advanced technological hub in business and commerce. Politically stable, it boasts luxurious tourist attractions and a climate somewhat similar to that of the Middle East, making it an esteemed destination for students aspiring to high-quality education.

The number of Arab students in Malaysia has significantly increased compared to other Asian countries, drawn by its welcoming environment and incentives. Students benefit from streamlined procedures, privileges, and significant discounts. Education in Malaysia is distinguished by maintaining a certain level of quality, smoothness, and flexibility simultaneously. Additionally, it offers low living costs, and its overall climate makes studying in Malaysia the preferred choice for Arab students.

Reasons that make Malaysia the best choice

  • Malaysia is renowned for its high-quality education according to international standards overseen by the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education, assessment and regulatory bodies, and legislative authorities.

  • It has been ranked the 11th top study destination, aspiring to reach 6th place by 2020, aiming to accommodate 200,000 international students.

  • English is the language of instruction in universities and educational institutions.

  • The cost of studying, living, and accommodation in Malaysia is highly competitive compared to other countries that host international students.

  • There is a wide range of choices and alternatives with many universities and colleges to suit individual preferences, in addition to the speed and ease of admission procedures in various institutes and universities.

  • The Islamic community is respected, and Malaysia has a beautiful history and a wonderful present of peaceful coexistence among different religions and races.

  • Easy migration procedures enable students to obtain approval to enter educational institutions. It is an economically and politically stable country, with low crime rates.

  • Malaysia is a culinary paradise, offering various types of food from vegetarian to halal dishes and fast food Western cuisine.

  • The transportation system is efficient, facilitating movement and visiting entertainment venues for relaxation.

  • Malaysia is characterized by its natural and diverse beauty, with cities bustling with colorful and diverse markets and mosques. Many annual festivals celebrate both traditional and modern aspects of Malaysian culture. Additionally, there are many Arab schools catering to hundreds of Arab students.

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