Why study in Cyprus?

Cyprus is one of the largest islands in the Mediterranean Ocean and has a rich and diverse history that includes many cultures and events. The population of the island is divided into two parts, the northern third belongs to Turkey and the southern two-thirds is under the rule of Greece.

With its picturesque beaches, clear waters, and warm climate throughout the year, it is no wonder that Cyprus has become a leading travel destination and visitors flock to it from all over the world. Students represent a large percentage of visitors to Cyprus due to the many opportunities it provides in different aspects, such as opportunities Educational opportunities, tourism opportunities, and enjoyment of natural and cultural landscapes.

Reasons that make Cyprus the best choice?

  • High-Quality Education: Cyprus is renowned for the quality of education in both its northern Turkish sector and southern Greek sector. It serves as a hub for higher education, attracting a large number of international students from all over the world. In fact, some estimates suggest that one-third of the student population in Cyprus consists of foreigners.

  • Cultural Opportunities: Being a popular destination for international students and visitors, Cyprus offers numerous opportunities for students to interact and integrate with various cultures and visitors from diverse backgrounds worldwide. Additionally, Cyprus is unique in that parts of it fall under the administration of Turkey or Greece, allowing students to experience both Turkish and Greek cultures and explore different customs and traditions, all within the same capital, Nicosia.

  • Rich History: The island of Cyprus boasts a rich and ancient history spanning centuries. It is home to numerous archaeological sites open to tourists and visitors, including tombs, temples, mosaics, and Neolithic houses, providing visitors and students with the opportunity to learn more about Cyprus’s history.

  • Affordability: Cyprus is ranked third in the European Union for providing substantial financial support for higher education, with 7% of its total GDP allocated to academic environments. This dedication and focus on students and studies place Cyprus just behind Denmark and Sweden in terms of commitment and attention to students and education.

  • Study Requirements: Higher education institutions and language schools in Cyprus are known for their quality and good reputation worldwide. Moreover, the requirements and opportunities for admission are not overly stringent. The admission procedures and criteria are simple, straightforward, and clearly defined for students.

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