Why education in Poland?

Poland, located in the heart of Europe and a member of the European Union, is characterized by its stunning nature and charming atmosphere. Life in Poland is not much different from life in other European countries, as the Polish people are known for being open-minded and hospitable. The Republic of Poland is full of incredibly beautiful tourist attractions and historic cities. It also boasts numerous museums, modern art galleries, music concerts, sports clubs, equestrian arenas, and hot spring resorts scattered throughout the country.

Polish universities rank high in the European university rankings, offering high-quality educational services. The success of graduates from Polish universities working in various jobs around the world speaks volumes about the excellent education, competence, and creativity they receive. The number of Arab students in Polish universities is increasing, as education there is of high quality and its universities are recognized in all Arab countries. Poland is considered one of the least expensive countries in the European Union in terms of study and living costs.

Reasons that make Poland the best choice

– Low Tuition Fees: Tuition fees in Poland are lower compared to other countries across all disciplines and academic levels. Additionally, the cost of living is also low.

– Easy Admission to Medical, Dental, Pharmacy, and Engineering Studies: Admission to undergraduate and postgraduate studies in various fields like medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and engineering is relatively easy.

– Simple Visa Procedures: Citizens from Gulf countries and other Arab nations find it easy to obtain visas for studying in Poland. Moreover, students are granted a Schengen visa, allowing them to travel within the European Union without the need for an additional visa.

– Cost-Reduction Opportunities: There are several ways to reduce the cost of studying in Poland, including scholarships, part-time work, student loans from universities, or applying to public universities.

One distinguishing factor of education in Poland is the presence of an accreditation committee for all teaching programs to ensure their quality and validity. As a result, around 80% of Polish universities and institutes have excellent ratings. Poland is also considered one of the safest countries in Europe, with low crime rates. The Polish people are known for their cooperative spirit and respect towards individuals of different races, religions, or nationalities.





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